Thursday, December 01, 2011

❤ Vanity & Beauty | Hydrangeas in your bath. *wink* ❤

Hydrangeas are the perfect *vintage* bathtub companion. *wink*

...Wouldn't it be DREAMY... have a bathtub like the one below...
...filled with pretty, fresh flowers....
oh my...YES!

Mmm, yes now all you NEED are some Hydrangea Beauty Potions...
Coming soon to our "Beauty, Grace & Charm" Collection.
It's like romance in a bottle.....enthralling...enchanting...PINK hydrangeas!

If you could have a pink hydrangea scent in any beauty 
potion what would it be? 

Me? I'm thinking a svelte gold roll on 
parfume container in a luxurious 100% silk hand embroidered bag
with the sweet scent of hydrangeas would be tres magnifique...
...or even our sea salt soak like our Antoinette's Rose Garden one...
with Pink Himalayan Sea Salts.  

Luxury galore just for you peeps.

***wink wink*** 
Claire De Lune by Claude Debussy on Grooveshark

...and yes I was listening to Claire De Lune when 
writing about romantic inspiration! le sigh....

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