Wednesday, July 10, 2013

katy perry.... simply starstruck!

I'm totally starstruck by Katy Perry....I love her fun style, her gorgeous hair styles AND color! Totally Margarita Bloom style! I bet she'd LOVE our beauty brand if she knew about it, right!!? Right!  ...and her lovely voice which you can hear below in several of her songs. Aren't her videos totally fun too? Here are some of my favorite pics of hers. *wink* You definitely can't argue her style is SO Margarita Bloom! 

images via pinterest.


  1. Oooh great post! I think she is fantastic. Katy is super photogenic and has such a fun girly style. Her Fashion editorials are amazing & her songs are great too. :)


  2. She always has fun and knows how to change things up. Always liked that about her.

  3. Love her too, so beautiful and fun ;)) Love her styles :)) xx


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