Monday, December 23, 2013

❤ Christmas at The Plaza Hotel NYC ❤

Wouldn't it be fun darlings to spend the holidays at a tres luxurious hotel with all the glam and sparkle you could want?  No worrying about decorating...having your every little wish fulfilled...tea and scones anytime you service at a touch of a button not to mention golden, bubbly, tickle your nose champagne...fabulous four star restaurants and luxurious little boutiques to window shop or go into? It sounds divine, right?  That's what this post is all about!!

Let's forget our troubles and daydream about a Christmas in The City...NYC to be precise! at the Plaza Hotel!! Hold on tight to your sleigh because here we go!!

The grand entrance of the Plaza Hotel in NYC. 
What a welcome!! Gorgeous red carpet & everything gilded in gold!! Let's go inside!!

Oh, would you look there!! Before we go in, look at those gigantic beautiful wreaths decorated with gold ornaments and pine cones. Have you ever seen such large wreaths before? They're magnificent!!! It just puts one in the festive mood for some bubbly, don't you think?

One of the many Christmas Trees that adorn The Plaza delightfully charming. And look at that utterly breathtaking chandelier and the even the floor is pretty!! Why there's something to look at and marvel from floor to ceiling.

Oooh, more Christmas Trees to look at....giggle...are all those presents for moi? I do adore anything from Chanel, Burberry, Kate Spade and a certain little Tiffany Blue Box. *wink wink* 
But of course the prettiest or the pinkest PINK tree is the one designed by Betsy Johnson!! 
We just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

Off to our suite, oui? Which one will you choose?
It'll sure to be a treat of luxury, utter refinement and FUN!! 

I love how the light dances off a chandelier, don't you?
Like little fairies dancing in tune to silent music....

The Eloise Rooms is totally fun and PINK!! How could you not love it!!!

Talk about Luxury!! How I love this fireplace!!! Swoon worthy!!! Could it be time for tea?

Or would you want to stay in The Great Gatsby Room!!!! Razzle Tazzle!!
Time to go dine out about town!! Let's get dressed a new outfit of course...we're always dressed up any time of the day. *wink* and look for some good food to nibble on, delicious drinks to sip & window shopping! Three of my favorite things to do. *wink*

Ooooh, should we stop and have a ride in one of these wonderful old world style carriages? Why yes, I think we should!! Talking about Old World look at these pics of The Plaza Hotel & the Vanderbilt Mansion back in the early 1900s and look even the fabulous Marilyn Monroe stayed at the Plaza Hotel!!!!!

It's starting to get dark...and look at how the city comes alive!! 
So vibrant and GORGEOUS to look at!

Dinner? What shall we have? Seafood of course and petite little pretty foods to nibble on with pink bubbly to tickle our noses!! After that, we'll check out some gorgeous boutiques and head back for a lovely night of slumber and start all over again tomorrow!! Join me? I knew you would!! *dimple* 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sweethearts!!  xoxo

{pics via pinterest board & some links are sponsored.}


  1. I would love to spend the holidays at a hotel with a few close friends and relatives. Parties are fun, but cleaning up after is ahhh not so fun. Maybe next Christmas my family and friends should spend it at a hotel. We still have another year to save up. =) Happy Holidays!

    1. Boy, are they ever not fun to clean up. I have a hard time just cleaning up after myself!! lol... A dreamy holiday getaway at a hotel sounds like a dream come true. ;)

  2. Oh I miss New York! What a grand hotel! Really beautiful.

    1. Isn't it though!! Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Christmas Eve!!

  3. I love the Plaza so much - my parents took my brother and I every year for Christmas (and often for brunch! - we grew up very close to the city) and it's just such a magical place. I haven't been in years, but your gorgeous pictures are making me want to plan a return trip! Merry Christmas, darling! xo

    1. Oh, what a lucky girl you are!! I'd be so thrilled beyond belief to live that close to the city! If you do return you should take pics for your blog and let me know!! heehee...I'd love to stop by your blog and look at them. Merry Christmas Eve!!

  4. The Plaza is always fabulous. I have many posts on my blog as visit often when in the city. The food hall is amazing. Tea is pretty great there as well. Merry Christmas! !

    1. Oooh, I'll have to check that out!!! Merci, for stopping by Rosemary!! Merry Christmas!!!! xoxo

  5. Oh yes, I have been to The Plaza around Christmas time and it's so magical...Love it!!

    1. I can just imagine!! One of my top places I want to go to! Happy New Year!!

  6. Oh wow, that must be one of the nicest hotels in NYC! Glad you were able to experience it!


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