Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Dance Moves: Let's get our Groove on! *wink*

Another Monday.....more holiday orders! Whoohoo! 
Our 25% off special ends today (Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY25) so get your order in pronto my fabulous peeps! 

We've been mixing up sparkly glittery Vintage Filigree Heart Christmas Soaps, Gingerbread Men Soaps, lush scrubs, lotions, SO many body balms and other pampering treats. It's a regular Santa's Workshop at the North Pole here! That's our week planned really...mix, mix, mix...glitter it up...mix, mix, mix...pretty it up with a label. Repeat! 

What do you have planned today? 

P.S.  For all you fabulous peeps in Belgium....a shipment just arrived at our new stockist, "Beauty Queen" Hooray!!  

Sources: YouTube. Tumblr.

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